We bake what we like, slow-fermented breads, pastries, cool cakes and nice slices. We bake dark, because bread should have some soul and if we don’t like it you won’t see it on the counter!

We serve Square Mile Coffee, we think it’s the best we can find. You can have it with us or you can take a bag home from our retail section, along with other Little Arras gear.



Adam was taught to bake sourdough in Australia by Martin Thompson, a no-nonsense Mancunian who knew all there was to know about great bread. That was good enough for Adam, and he quickly started coming into work at 5 am just so he could learn how to make a starter, bake properly, and laminate croissants!

When Arras opened in 2007, there were only 3 in the kitchen but it was still decided to bake our own bread, admittedly at this stage not sourdough. Lovaine baked it the first day, Sami Harvey the next day and then Adam. For some reason Adam has baked the bread for Arras everyday since! Soon after taking on the bread Adam got bored with the ubiquitous dinner roll and then began developing the sourdough with a recipe Martin gave him. This continued until Arras moved and added on Arras Too, the hole-in-the-wall café/bakery in Sydney. The bread and other items developed and this was the catalyst for what is now Little Arras.

It was decided to open Little Arras off the back of getting the Arras Daily Bread to a wider audience, and bakeries in the centre of York were closing at a rapid rate.

Little Arras is housed in a building that was once a curtain shop (in Adams youth), an Indian Restaurant, a Record store and an Ice cream shop. It’s been stripped back to its bones and deliberately has an industrial feel, we are manufacturing after all!